Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Joy through a child's eyes

People say that there is not much better than experiencing joy through the eyes of a child. And to that, I would have to agree. While our Clara struggles with certain aspects of life, finding joy is not one of them. I find myself often just sitting and smiling, captivated by her overwhelming happiness, and just watching her expressions, taking them all in one by one. She might not be able to talk, but she sure knows how to communicate a joyful heart. And for that I am so thankful. 

I could list off a number of things that bring Clara pure joy and excitement, as I am sure all moms could do of their child. Twinkle lights, toys that sing songs and light up, buttons of any kind, and swings to name a few. Yet there is one thing that we discovered a while back that gets her little heart pumping with awe, amazement, and joy. 

The carousel. She LOVES the carousel. She loves watching it and riding it and taking in all the lights and sounds and movement. And watching her take it all in? Doesn't get much better, friends. If the carousel was free we might just go every single day. 

Because joy. . . 

Taking a break for dinner. . . and we made sure to secure the perfect carousel watching spot. . . 

The picture below pretty much sums up the state of her heart. . .

May we always take the time to soak in the little things, and experience all the joy filled blessings God has so graciously blessed us with. Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year!


  1. So sweet! The twins loved the carousel at SL Holiday Lights so we'll have to check out this one (Memorial City Mall, right?) as well!

  2. Awww...someone should have bought her an unlimited carousel pass for Christmas...if such a thing exists...and it should.. :)

  3. Love your sweet family! Thanks for the reminders of small joys. You're precious.


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