Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend Links 12/5/14

True Courage Requires Trust 
When the size of your house is cramping the size of your hospitality - So much truth!!!

Special Needs
Interview with Carol Kranowitz, author of The Out-of-Synch Child - "If they are oversensitive to touch sensations (tactile defensiveness), they will avoid touching and being touched and will shy away from messy play, physical contact with others, pets, certain textures of fabric, many foods, bumpy sock seams, etc. . . When children are hyper-responsive (over-responsive) to sensations, they will be "sensory defensive" -- on alert and ever vigilant to protect themselves from real or imagined hazards in a scary and confusing world." - This is sweet Clara's struggle. We must work through tactile defensiveness each and every day, multiple times a day. More on this topic to come, if I can find the words. . . 

Y'all. . . this girl right here. . . eyes on her at all times. ALL TIMES. Let's see. . . this week I have caught her with a tiny broken Christmas bulb and realized she was EATING the glass (that was not a typo. . . she was fine thank goodness, but seriously.), her hands up to elbows in the toilet, her hands in the fireplace grabbing and eating the rocks/soot WHILE THE FIREPLACE WAS ON, chewing and then gagging on leaves so much that she spit up chunky looking stuff, and below. . . pulled out all the tupperware in about two seconds and broke a glass pyrex. See what I mean??? Game on 24/7.

She seems so innocent. Looks can fool.

This girl was not sure about the big bow I put in her hair. Honestly, I am not so sure either. Sorry Clara, mommy is learning.

On the same day as above picture she did not nap (thanks to school and then therapy immediately after) and so she feel asleep on the floor, just like this, at 6:50pm. We moved her to bed and she slept until 6am. Tired girl!

Happy Friday! 


  1. I'm glad I got to witness the leaf eating incident for myself!

  2. Ha, you weren't kidding about Camille getting in to everything! Funny to think that you have one sensory defensive child that wants to avoid foreign objects while you have another that wants to eat them all :)


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