Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Camille 9 months

This little one turned nine months old while we were in CT last week! 

A few things about Camille at nine months. . .

Loves: taking baths, splashing non-stop while in the bath, grabbing people's noses or face in general, playing in the mirror, babbling to herself in the mirror, eating anything and everything, getting as close as possible to big sister, looking at books, crawling around the house & getting into whatever she can find, following me around while I vacuum, and flirting with whoever will give her the time of day.

Does Not Love: changing clothes & when I intentionally take a toy/item away from her. . . Que the drama!

Eating: She takes a bottle every 4 hours and gets three meals a day of baby food + finger foods. Some favorite foods are yogurt, yogurt melts, blueberries, puffs, cheerios, Cheetos (I know), and various other fruits/veggie combos. She has been working on her sippy cup skills but usually prefers to just chew on the top rather than actually drink.

Sleeping: Camille sleeps 7pm - 7am, and takes two naps per day usually around 10am & 2 pm. She is a great sleeper! If she wakes up around 6am sometimes we can give her a bottle and she will go back down until 8-8:30am.

Misc: Size 4 daytime diapers, size 5 overnights, clothes size 12 months

9 month stats: 28 inches tall, 21 pounds, and HC measured 17.76 inches

I just cannot emphasize enough how much she truly loves being close to Clara. Camille is seriously always trying to touch her, inch her way closer to her, etc. This really does warm my heart. Except when she tries to pull Clara's hair as hard as she possibly can. It is safe to say this does not warm Clara's heart either.

Development: She is now pulling to stand on just about anything she can, and babbling non-stop. She frequently says "Da-da-da-da, Eeeeeeee, Na-na-na-na," and just as of this week said "Ma-ma-ma." Love hearing her sweet voice!

Adventures: Camille got to spend a little bit of time last weekend with my Grandpa Jim (my dad's dad) in Waxahachie. We made a very last minute trip to Ft. Worth to help my Grandma Ann (my bio mom's mom) with some things, so we stayed Friday night with my Grandpa and went for donuts early Saturday morning before we headed to Ft. Worth. Love, love these sweet pictures. And yes, I gave her bites of donut.

Happy nine months, Camille! You are a joy!


  1. Can't blame her, I love Cheetos, too! And donuts, for that matter! Love that she's so enamored with Clara... does Clara seem as interested in her or not so much?

  2. So adorable!! Happy 9 months!!

  3. Aww she is so sweet! Love seeing the interaction between her and Clara!


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