Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Links 10/24/14

So it has been a while since I posted a Friday Weekend Links. Several weeks ago we were dealing with some major sickness around these parts (trip to ER for Clara which resulted in a + test for flu, pneumonia, and an ear infection, and a pretty bad cold for Camille), and once we recovered from that we were on our way to the North East to spend time with family. Oh . . . and I also resigned from my job (more on this at a later date, once I gather the words). So wrapping up the last few weeks of work took up a lot of time. And now here we are, almost at the end of October. I blinked and October basically waved hi and bye.

So . . . A few links for your weekend down-time. . .

Can I trust God in the worst?
From the Other Side. . . isn 
On not "firepitting" our marriage 
On breaking up with perfection
Overwhelmed? Learn To Say Your Best Yes - An Interview w/ Lysa TerKeurst

Special Needs
Is it Behavior? Or is It Sensory? - lots of great info about the vestibular system in this post

And a few pics of Clara in her new blue glasses (which she is doing remarkably well with I might add! As in. . . she doesn't take them off 154,569 times a day). Hooray for progress!!

Enjoy your weekend & this fall weather!


  1. Love the glasses pics! Hate that y'all have had so much un-fun stuff to deal with, particularly all of the sicknesses- that really is the worst :( Also, I'm too scared to read the "On breaking up with perfection" article, but I will anyway :)

  2. She is rocking those glasses! I'm glad she wasn't wearing them yesterday though because along with the pigtail pulling, Avery would have also been yanking those off her face like the inconsiderate guest she is...


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