Monday, September 15, 2014

Camille 8 months

This girl turned 8 months old yesterday. . .

 Typical Camille. . .

Let's see. . . A few things about Camille. . .

She now has two teeth (bottom middle).

She is 20 pounds even!

She takes a bottle every 4 hours and is now getting 2-3 meals of food per day. She gets pureed baby-food but is also experimenting with finger foods. She loves pretty much anything we give her but especially the all natural white cheddar Cheetos. (They are all natural so pretty much means they are super healthy for babies, right??!)

She also loves chewing/gumming jumbo size marshmallows. I am such a good mom.

She takes two solid naps per day, on most days, and is going to bed earlier around 7pm.

Loves: smiling, playing in the mirror, pulling Clara's hair, eating, grabbing mommy's nose (or anyones nose for that matter), swinging, bubbles, looking at books, playing with Clara (seriously, she always wants to touch her and just be next to her) and just enjoying life and being her happy self!

Does not love: changing clothes (this is a new one. . . que the screaming), when we take away a toy/her sippy cup etc, or when I try to rock her at night (girlfriend is trying to break my heart).

She is babbling up a storm and is so close to crawling. . .

Happy 8 months, sweet Camille!! Love you tons!


  1. Cheetos and marshmallows... I'm moving in with you when we get there! :) Happy 8 months, cute Camille!

  2. Ha the marshmallow thing totally made me laugh! Love it!

    And love how she is thinking so hard about crawling but just not ready to commit- she is just too cute!

  3. 8 months?!?! She's so beautiful!!! I love the marshmallow thing. So funny!! I may have to try that with Georgia Kate!


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