Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clara 15 months

Clara turned 15 months on August 2nd! Same day Brandon turned the big 3-0!

Yes, she's now closer to 16 months but better late than never, per usual. 

A few things about Clara at 15 months:
Crawling like a champ! Love to see her cutie booty crawling all over the house!

Learned to shake her rattle (it's things like this that might not seem like a big deal to some, but for us, stuff like this is HUGE and so fun to see her little mind get it!)

Pulling up some (has to be the perfect set up but she is trying)

Expressing her opinion more (via whining and meltdowns) and showing more of her personality

Makes herself laugh while she is playing alone, which is fun to watch & hear!

Overall just becoming more and more interested in the world around her

LOVES bath-time, swimming, playing in the mirror, looking out the window, crawling around and exploring the house, and anything musical. Still does NOT love when we wipe her face, touch her hands, clean her nose, or try to brush her teeth (oh man do we see big dental bills in our future!).

She is such a JOY to be with every day. Love her so much!

In therapy we are working on: holding items with two hands, holding items in both hands at once, desensitizing her aversion to hand/mouth touch, desensitizing her aversion to certain noises, pulling up, feeding (girlfriend still has NO desire to swallow anything with texture), and making noises such as "baba gaga dada mama," etc (none so far, but I am confident she is soaking it all in).

Other info: We received her EEG results and they were totally normal! Praise God! Neurologist even called her report "boring." He said she is showing no signs of cognitive abnormality or delays. SO thankful! Clara had a swallow study done this summer to access if there is a medical reason why she is opposed to swallowing anything that is not pureed. She did not cooperate during the study (ha!) but from the small amount they saw via camera the therapist saw no medical issues. Her guess is that Clara's texture/solid food aversion is purely sensory (which we suspected, but had to rule medical reasons out) & motor related (motor meaning, her jaw is not strong enough to chew the food up enough where she is comfortable swallowing). We also completed blood work for the whole genome sequencing genetic test. Should get results end of the year or right after the New Year. She is getting her eyes rechecked at the end of this week.

Size 12-18 month clothes, size 2 shoe although some are too small yet 3's are way too big

Weight = 21 pounds 12 oz
Height = approximately 30 inches, nurse had a hard time getting exact measurement
HC = 16.73 inches (0%)

Schedule: Sleeps 7:30pm - 7:30 or 8am, and takes one nap per day usually around 12 or 12:30. She will sleep anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. We just move bedtime earlier, around 7pm, if her nap is on the shorter side.

That's about all! She is truly the sweetest baby around and I wouldn't trade anything for my days at home with her!


  1. Happy belated 15 and early 16 months, Clara! And YAY for normal EEG results!

  2. LOVE HER! And Praise God for the great test results!!!

  3. Hooray for good test results, and for all of her progress! Can't wait to see what she's like as a big sister!

    Happy 15+ months, Clara :)

  4. So glad everything was boring on the test results! Being boring to a doctor is ALWAYS a good thing!!

    And why do they do tests on kids this age where they have to cooperate? Last time we took Kirsa to the cardiologist, she was 1yo, and the ped nurse (who was awful anyway) was SO frustrated that she wouldn't hold still. Ummmm, HELLO?!? I didn't really cooperate much either, I was just trying to calm down my shrieking kid, and was irritated with the nurse being so irritated. :)

    Elijah also didn't like anything but purees until around 15mo. He didn't have sensory issues that we did therapy for, but he probably had a few little things, he'd always panic if we set him in the grass, and he freaked out if his hands ever got messy. No baby led weaning for that kid for sure. ;)

    Happy 15 months Clara! Such a cutie!!

  5. Happy 15 months to that happy little girl! YAY for all her great test results! All of your hard work and patience is paying off in such big ways lately :)


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