Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clara 13 months

Let's just not stop to think about how Clara is probably closer to 14 months now than 13, ok? I don't know what is going on with me these days, but I'm falling out of my groove (in many things, not just blogging) and just can't quite seem to get myself back on track. Thus why this post is three weeks late. Anyways, that aside, here is our precious girl at 13 months.

Taking a bath
Swimming or basically just playing in water
Turning the pages of her books
Playing with herself in the mirror
Her Vtech discovery book (Thanks Matt & Jenna!!)
Anything musical
Going after our iPhones or iPad

Does Not Love:
Diaper changes
When we wipe her face after a meal
When we try to wipe snot or a booger from her nose (cue complete meltdown)
Loud noises
Sun in her eyes
Eating food with texture
Drinking from a sippy cup
Anyone touching her hands

Eating: Three meals a day, plus three bottles a day of a toddler formula. I would not classify her as a picky eater, as she will go for anything I put on her tray (repeatedly), the issue is her actually swallowing the textured food (working on this in OT). She will put it in her mouth, move it around, and even chew it up a bit, and then spit it out. We also incorporate a sippy cup with each meal, although she is not able to use it on her own. If any of you mommas out there have/had a child with major texture issues, please feel free to pass along any advice/tips my way!

Sleeping: We are officially on the transition from two to one nap, although not quite there yet. Some days she takes two, some days one. Every day is a guessing game, folks. It's like she is not quite tired enough to get in two good naps (she can go easily 4 hrs between naps and 5 hrs between last nap and bedtime), but sometimes one nap is a stretch to get her to bedtime without a complete meltdown. She goes to bed at 8pm and sleeps well, yet her morning wake times keep us on our toes. Seriously. . . I am starting to thinking mommas who say there baby or toddler sleeps until x time EVERY SINGLE DAY are just liars. Clara easily has a three hour wake time span, which as you can imagine, makes the whole nap time transition issue really fun. FUN STANGE! :) Ha! I'm trying to roll with it.

Schedule at 13 months:
Ummmmmmmm schedule? What's that? Please refer to section above.

Development: I recently wrote an update on her development here.

She is SO SO SO close to crawling, y'all. She did four real crawls on Monday, but hasn't since. That said, she is still pretty mobile and loves moving around on the floor and you can tell she is trying SO HARD to make her legs and arms work together.

Eight teeth (Maybe nine, can't quite tell, but I think another broke through on the bottom).

Laughing more! Which is pretty much the best thing in the entire world!

Mimicking more!

A few other things at 13 months:
Size 12 month clothes
Size 2 shoe
Size 3 diapers, size 4 overnights

Adventures: We spent a few days on Lake Travis at the end of May, and we have another trip with friends coming up over Labor Day. We are super busy with our weekly routine so nothing really big is planned for this summer. We have celebrated a few birthday parties of close friends and here are some pics from the birthday fun.

Clara's friend, Aedan, was trying to push her around in the little car. So sweet!

Sweet Jake, the birthday boy!

Me and my BFF Wendi. I am not quite sure why my face is looking a little distorted here. Oh, and thanks Landon for the photo bomb.

A few random pics over the last month:

Please note foot placement in the picture above.

I'm convinced she is signing "I Love You." :)

 Pool time!
Baby yoga?

Love those baby blues

Think that about sums up the last month! Oh, and if you think about it today, please keep Clara in your thoughts and prayers. She has her EEG this morning. Not sure how long it will take to get the results. Thanks, friends!


  1. Glad I read this early so I could pray- hope it goes well!

    Also, admittedly these updates/details mean a lot more to me now that I actually have children... before when I would read people's monthly updates on their kids, it was like a foreign language to me. Anyway, exciting about the crawling! And the pic above where she is standing(ish)! Oh, and my favorite pic is the one of her in the high chair with her eyes closed- funny girl!

  2. sooo many similarities here -- esp the hating of face wiping and diaper changes! omg!

    she is soooo sweet. and i love her hair (maybe because a's is similar :) )

    will be thinking of you today - i hope the EEG is normal! i think it will be!

  3. Happy belated 13 months to Clara! I hope the transition to 1 nap comes to fruition sooner rather than later, because that gray area was not a fun one for us. Praying for good news after the EEG!

  4. LOVE all of these pics! Get that little lady in some yoga classes!

    Couldn't help but chuckle as I read the blurb on her sleeping. Gotta love how unpredictable they can be, right? Just keeping us on our toes. I have zero words of wisdom for you on the nap transition because we're obviously not there yet, but one of my best friend's just went through the same thing. It was a tough month (I think that's how long they were in limbo) for them but now things are much better and there is a lot more predictability to their days. Hang in there!

    Just prayed for you guys. :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize her hair was SO curly, hopefully it will keep. All my kids had curls but after their first hair cut it never came back :(

    I will keep her in my prayers, hope you get some answers to your questions.

  6. Praying all goes well with her eeg. My Jaxon is 8 months now and has 8 teeth. I think he is working on his 9th tooth and well it's so much harder than the others. We thought he had another ear infection because he was so cranky. But it was just teething pain. Life is so hard for these little ones some time. She is soo very cute! I love the curly hair!

  7. Catching up on blogs this morning. My face is distorted looking in that pic, too! And I agree... Clara is signing "I love you." :)


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