Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear PIO

Dear Progesterone In Oil,
Oh how I loathe you. From day one you have not been nice to me. Here I am asking for your help and you just laugh in my face. The nurses warned me about you. Oh yes they told me you would be painful, cause my bottom to swell, turn red and form welts the size of large strawberries. You might think it is funny that you cause me to walk like an 80 year old woman but really it's not. I hate to sit down because your after effects never. go. away. You are like the mean girls I avoided in middle school. I bet you are secretly talking to them (you know who they are!) and informing them of your tortuous ways.  Follistim was a lot cooler than you and I mean this literally. You make me sweat especially at night while I am wide awake from your insomnia inducing ways. Why do you have to be so thick and why is your needle seriously two inches long? That is totally unnecessary. I say this in the love of Jesus but you totally suck. Just being honest. Why cannot I inject you in my thigh or area of my butt that has some extra skin??? Seriously the intramuscular portion of my booty was a bad call on your part. Who wants to shoot themselves in their booty muscle? Enough said. 

Regardless of our relationship the past eleven days I will not give up on you. Deep down I know your heart is good and you are just trying to support me and my goals of motherhood. So because of this I will not post crazy U tube videos of myself injecting you. Yes you should take a look online because there are some crazies out there that actually video themselves shooting their booty up for the world to see. Who does that? Instead I will continue to stick out our friendship day after day. I won't ever leave you waiting so you don't have to worry about me standing you up. I will be there at 9:00pm every. single. night or until Dr. Gill tells me otherwise. See you in T minus 5 minutes. 


Yes this is the actual size of the PIO needle. This is not my actual finger.
Thanks google image.

Another comparion. Fun times. 

What the Blackburn kitchen looks like on any given night. Yes we look like druggies. 


  1. Oh my goodness... that does look painful! Keep hanging in there- hopefully the end is in sight for the butt shots!

  2. wow, what a journey you are going through. I have had several friends and relatives go through the same. You can do it!

  3. Oh, hang in there Brittnie. I had the same Menopur medication 3 years ago. It's a rough road, but God has something amazing planned for you! :)


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