Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Clara's 24 Hour VEEG Results!

I posted here that we had some concerns, after an initial EEG in April, that Clara was having a-typical seizures.

Due to the abnormal results, the neurologist highly suggested a 24 hour video EEG to get a better idea of what was going on, how often these seizures were occurring, etc. This test was done in June and honestly, went much better than we anticipated.

Clara was a champ and other than a full-blow tantrum at bedtime and not crashing out until midnight (can't say I blame her, I wouldn't want to sleep with a video camera in my room and 30 stickers glued to my head!), she did very, very well.

A few pictures from said 24 hours . . .

All the wires and main box were contained inside her little cross body purse. Genius move, Dr. R. She only tried to take it off 2-3x and didn't fuss when we put it back on. 

Headed home . . . 

Being monitored for hours on end is exhausting . . . 

Not going to lie, it felt like I was on Big Brother. She was napping on me and the video camera was pointing right at our faces and it made me all awkward, like I didn't know where to look or what faces to make. Ha! 

After crashing at midnight, she slept solid until 5:00am. She woke crying and confused and Brandon (who was on her floor) immediately jumped into bed with her to calm her and get her back to sleep. Worked and we were thankful! 

Slept like an angel until 9:00am

We received the results yesterday, and I am so eager to share that Clara's results came back completely clear. As in, the Dr. didn't see one bit of seizure activity. He said the results are normal for what he would expect for someone with typical brain development, not just normal for someone with neurological differences like Clara. This is so encouraging on many levels! He is 90% sure she is not having seizures at all and stated sometimes the initial test is a fluke for some reason.

Said fluke stressed me out hard core for the last few weeks, but it's all good. :)

This feels like a major win in what has been a season of continual battles (with the state regarding services, insurance regarding treatment, etc). Thank you, God.

We are celebrating!


  1. This post is making me cry happy tears for your family!! That is amazing news- typical activity in a developing brain!! Praise God for that piece of information.

  2. What WONDERFUL news!!! Praise God!!

  3. Awesome news! So glad the experience went relatively smoothly and that the results were clear!

  4. I know you were not looking forward to the 24 hour test, but sounds like it was totally worth it (and thankfully easier than expected)!! So happy you guys got this "win!"

  5. How wonderful!! Yay!!


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