Tuesday, March 20, 2018

When You Give A Four Year Old Some Quarters . . .

Last Saturday night Camille boldly requested, "Mommy, I want pizza for dinner!"

I had to break her heart that we had zero pizza in the house and since we had already meal planned for the week and had plenty of food at home, we would not be ordering pizza.

She didn't take the news too horribly, although she was a bit sad. Brandon then had the brilliant idea to suggest if she really wanted pizza for dinner, she could count the money in her piggy bank collected from doing chores, and use her own money to purchase a delicious mediocre tasting Hot and Ready from Little Caesars.

She. Got. So. Excited.

She had just enough for a $5.00 Little Caesars pepperoni pizza so after stuffing her pockets (literally) with her change, off they went!

both shorts pockets are stuffed with $, lol
Brandon didn't take a video of the exchange, but said Camille was beyond giddy to pay herself!

One happy customer!

Moral of the story? Assign your child age appropriate chores. Pay them in quarters. And eventually your child will buy you dinner. :)


  1. This is too cute!! We're planning to start giving the twins an allowance once they turn 5 so I'll be interested to see if they decide to use it all up on exciting things like this ;)

  2. If only we felt as excited about "getting" to buy things as kids do, ha! But way to go, Camille!

  3. This.Is.Awesome!! Responsibility for the win at all ages!! XOXO


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