Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas and New Years Eve 2017

Oh wait. I blogged about New Years themes and ideas and I never blogged about Christmas. That goes against every Type-A part of my personality, but you can't win them all I suppose.

I took approximately two pictures all of Christmas break because 'tis the season for sickness. Virus, fever and cough that eventually morphed into full-blown bronchitis.

Thank goodness for steroids.

For memories sake . . . Here is our Christmas and New Years Eve in pictures (that Brandon took because bronchitis. On another note, Brandon is happy to be sleeping in our bed again as I am no longer coughing up my insides.). . .

A few pics with Santa . . . before the sickness . . .

Camille enjoyed a super fun Christmas party at school, as did Clara!

How cute is this gift she made for me and Brandon? Way to go, teachers!

We drove around to look a lights multiple times, a favorite tradition . . .

Camille putting out cookies and milk for Santa . . . 

And reindeer food . . . because of course . . .

Camille's mind was blown on Christmas morning when she woke up to reindeer prints all over the front driveway. It didn't snow, mind you, but somehow that little fact didn't confuse her almost-four- year-old brain (which is actually surprising, because well, she's pretty intuitive.)

The girls woke up to lights leading form their bedroom doors all the way to their Santa gifts. A tradition that we absolutely love. This is probably my favorite moment of Christmas. We've been doing it since they were itty bitty babes.

Clara got a hammock and Camille got a baby doll that talks and burps and plays peek-a-boo and says "mama." She is in caretaker heaven and this mama is about done with said baby doll. I keep asking Camille, "Doesn't your baby doll need to take a nap??? Babies need a lot of sleep!!" #makeitstop

The hammock was intended to go outside (inside just for the Santa effect) but y'all, she gets in it every second of every day and never stops swinging herself. It is the cutest thing. She will even grab our hand, lead us to the hammock and then point as if to say "Get in a swing with me!" That said, the hammock is still taking up an entire wall of the playroom. :)

Click here to see a video of Clara rocking away.

We took zero pictures as a family on Christmas Day. Here's a few from our time with my family. Yep, we got four pictures. Totally on top of our game this year.

When someone asked what I would enjoy for Christmas, I sent them a link to a book on Amazon. So, needless to say, if you need me in 2018 I will be hiding in my closet with one of these.

Camille's mind was blown again when her daddy surprised her by taking her on a daddy-daughter date to the Nutcracker. She got all dressed up and didn't figure out what they were doing until they arrived at the theater. Precious memories. Melts my heart.

We spent New Years Eve and the few days prior in Livingston, Texas relaxing at Brandon's parents getaway house. A few days with no extra responsibilities other than playing and eating (see Brandon's homemade beignets below) and reading and New Years pondering/dreaming is just what my soul needed as we said adios to 2017.

We know how to party. . . And no, those extra two champagne glasses are not for the girls. They were for my sister and husband who ended up leaving early due to . . .  sickness. Again, 'tis the season.

Despite the sickness mentioned, it was a relaxing and fun-filled Christmas and NYE. Feeling thankful and hopeful as we head into 2018.

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  1. I love the Christmas lights leading to the presents idea- super cute! I also love (slash am jealous of) the fact that y'all get to do Christmas at home... makes me wonder when we will get to do that regularly!


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