Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Great Houston Snow Of 2017

As you have probably heard by now, it snowed last week in Houston.

What in the world?

It was an early Christmas miracle indeed.

In order to preserve this precious memory, a few pictures . . .

We attempted to wake Camille up Thursday around 11:00pm, but she was not. having. it. We drug her outside but her head was bobbing like a rag doll and she barely even opened her eyes.

To our surprise, the snow stuck overnight. Such a fun sight to wake up to!

We woke Camille up at 5:30am Friday and unlike the night before, she was totally on board to hop out of bed and needless to say, her mind was blown. She joined Brandon right away to finish the snowman in the backyard and start one in the front.*

If a snow day isn't a good enough excuse for donuts, I don't know what is!

Houston snow of 2017, you were a fabulous surprise! Definately a morning we won't forget!

*No, we didn't attempt to wake Clara Thursday night or Friday am,  for various reasons. We did show her the snow before we left for school Friday morning and she wasn't impressed. Ha! We think she was too cold and thus, annoyed and agitated. :)


  1. I know this is not the focus of the post, but I just love Camille's little freckles in that last pic!!

    Anyway, SNOW. It was amazing. Glad our kiddos got to see it- wonder if they'll remember it??

  2. Is it too greedy to ask for it to snow again in 2017? I mean, don't we deserve it after Harvey?! Seriously, it was such a fun/beautiful surprise!


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