Tuesday, September 19, 2017

First day of school 2017-2018

And we're off!

Camille started preschool today (delayed two weeks thanks to Hurricane Harvey). She was beyond excited and didn't think twice about walking into class. She would go to school every day if I let her! I had to basically beg her to give me a hug before running to her seat.

Clara goes to school year-round, thus doesn't have an official "first/last day of school." In an effort to track her growth school year to school year though, I started taking pictures of her last year, just like I do Camille.

Meet the teacher on Monday 9/18/17
 And here's my attempt at "cute front door first day of school pictures" . . .

A look back at last year . . . Man, take me back! Honestly, I love each stage/age more and more, but I do miss these tiny, baby faces.

Praying for a new school year full of growth, maturity, new milestones achieved, joy, and a blossoming of new relationships.


  1. Cute, curly-haired girls- I hope they both have a great school year!!

  2. Oh my stars! They look so big compared to last year. Love their matching shirts! Cheers to a great year for both beauties. 💗

  3. Oh man, your last year vs this year comparison pics make me glad I didn't remember to do any of my own because it is depressing how much they have changed in a year! But still great, of course :) Hoping for another great year for both of them!


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