Tuesday, February 14, 2017

10 Years Strong

Brandon and I celebrated 10 years of marriage last Friday, February 10, 2017. I posted this picture on Instagram with the following:

I don't think it's coincidence that our first date was volunteering at a special needs dance. We hung out with this guy all night and had a blast. Only God could provide such foreshadowing. Today we celebrate ten years of marriage and while I'm not one to typically draft a sappy anniversary post, this year feels different. Lots of gratitude today. These years have been full of ups and downs but man, so much fun. Today also marks the two year anniversary of Clara's start date at her special needs school. Thank God everyday for that place. Not sure where we would be without it. She has a long way to go, but the progress she has made over the last two years is invaluable for her and our family. And now... countdown is on for the first night as a couple, completely kid free, in two years. Two years. Love my girls, but don't even know what to do with myself.

Pretty cool how God works, no?

For our little getaway, we headed up to Waco, Texas to pay a visit to Chip and JoJo. It was so much fun! It was so nice to just be and take off my mommy hat for 48 hours.

We pulled into Waco about 3:00pm, and hit the ground running. One of my goals for this mini vacation? Visit every unique coffee shop possible and actually like, sit and talk together and savor the goodness of a (warm) drink.

First up was Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits and even though I think they left the vanilla out of my vanilla latte, I'd give them a good review. Because just look at the design.

Brandon surprised me with a massage and pedicure at Pura Vida Day Spa and Salon. He had the whole thing planned and just dropped me off for a few hours. This man knows the way to my heart. Spa over jewelry or flowers any day.

(Side note: While I was getting pampered, Brandon checked into our bungalow (air&b). Do you remember this episode of Fixer Upper? The bungalow we rented is in the backyard of this home. The bungalow wasn't done on the show, just the main house. The homeowners were so hospitable and friendly! We loved chatting with them, meeting their daughter, and would recommended their guest space to anyone visiting Waco!)

By the time I was done at the spa, it was near 7pm and our stomachs were growling. Hey Sugar Candy store was a few doors down so we had to stop there, but realized we might need more than truffles to suffice as dinner. We heard Baris Italian Restaurant was delicious, and it did not disappoint. Super casual environment and amazing food. Best combination in my book.

We had a good laugh as we couldn't remember the last time we visited a restaurant where the salad dressing was served in a condiment bottle.

Saturday morning we stopped first at Common Grounds for fuel and this was one of my favorite spots all weekend. Such a cool vibe and hang out. I bet the college kids love it!!

After filling my veins with an adequate amount of sugar (as in, they didn't forget the chocolate in my mocha) we headed to The Silos/Magnolia Market.

We ran into my friend, Heather, and her mom/sisters so they were kind enough to snap these pictures for us!

 Inside the market . . . in love with these lanterns.

I could go on and on but honestly? If you have a free day and have been debating visiting the Silos?Do it. The atmosphere was amazing. So family friendly and everyone was just HAPPY. People chatting. Kids swinging. Friends lounging in bean bags or playing games and just being together. We stayed about three hours, but probably could have stayed longer. I definitely want to take the girls back to play in the green space. Again, can't say enough about the atmosphere.

We arrived right at opening, 9am. The Silos became increasingly more crowded as the hours passed, but honestly it never felt too crazy, which is strange. Brandon agrees. There were lines for most everything, but it all  (checking out in the store, bakery, or waiting on your food from one of the food trucks) ran so smoothly. I was amazed at how everything flows, almost effortlessly.

If you go to the bakery, please do yourself a favor and get a sugar cookie. I don't even love sugar cookies that much but you guys, it was out of this word. We got three and I wish we would have ordered 30. The cupcakes and cinnamon rolls are also worth it. Basically just get one of everything and you're set.

And while we're on the subject of food, please also order the mac and cheese from The Cheddar Box food truck and a Turkey Pesto Crepe from Co-Town Crepes. Again. You're Welcome.

In case you might be concerned, we did not starve on this anniversary vacation.

After our time at the Silos, we browsed around at The Findery and a local farmers market a few blocks away. 

We also visited Spice Village (like a huge nutcracker market), Junque In The Trunk (JoJo shops here!), and a handful of other junk/antique shops. 

Made a stop at Harp Design Co. Shop owner, Clint, is the Gaine's carpenter and creates many unique pieces for Fixer Upper clients. It was fun to see his shop and his house next door, that was re-done on the show (but it's now a Bed & Breakfast).

We ended the day driving around town to find a few of the Fixer Upper homes, and we successfully found three! Dinner was Rosa's Tortilla Factory (Dear Rosas, when one orders nachos, one usually prefers the cheddar cheese to be melted. I didn't know that needed to be specified. That is all.)

By 9pm we were back in our bungalow, eating leftover cupcakes, watching a movie, and passing out before the clock struck 10. 

Sunday morning we packed up, grabbed breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino (winner!), and then headed towards home. 

I am so grateful for a few hours away as a couple. We came home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We can't let two years pass before we do this again. Time alone is vital for the soul.

The past ten years haven't been easy, but they've been worth it. Some heartache and disappointments? Sure. But . . .  I like to say we're 10 years strong.


  1. 1. New blog design - yay! I love it!
    2. I am equal parts happy for you and jealous of you because this really does sound like a perfect getaway to me (and you guys more than deserved it). Wade and I will have to make it happen some time!

  2. What a fun getaway! This reminds me a little of our V-day weekend in Fredericksburg last weekend... remote enough to feel like an escape but not so far that it required a lot of effort. Did it make you feel old being around all of the college kids there?! I feel so out of place now when we go back to College Station even though I feel like we just graduated, ha!

    Love the new design!

  3. Oooh what a fun trip!!! Congrats on 10 years!!!

  4. This looks like such a fun trip. I want to go to Waco now. I toured Baylor during my senior year of high school…Waco was not this cool then. I also fully endorse your coffee shop mission. You and I could have fun together on a trip. Our goals are similar. :)


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