Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Potty Training Camille (my 30 pound, almost three-year-old baby)

2016 was a big year for Ms. Camille. She transitioned to a toddler bed, bid her beloved pacifier farewell, and kicked diapers to the curb.

Camille turns three years old in a few days, and my hope was to get her potty trained right before the calendar turned 2017. Honestly, up until this point, I didn't really care and was not in a rush. There aren't any medals in heaven for earliest potty trained child. And raising a special needs child along side a typical child just gives you some perspective on things that are a big deal (potty training), but that really aren't a big deal at the end of the day (potty training).

Several people had mentioned to me that waiting until closer to age three made the training a bit easier. So given that advice, plus considering the spirited and strong willed nature of my little girl, I knew we just needed a bit more time.

So we circled Wednesday, December 28th on the calendar and deemed that day 1. This would allow six full days at home, if needed, before heading back to preschool on January 3rd.


And I am so thankful I listened to my mommy gut on this one and didn't stress our family out by pushing it sooner.

Tuesday night I read a few recaps of the Three Day Potty Training Method and also this run-down, set out her underwear, potty books, and reinforcement, and prayed that the next few days would be relaxed and fun and that God would give me patience and a light-hearted, non-accusatory nature for the hard moments.

As I write this the calendar reads January 10 and she has only had three accidents since starting the process. Thank. You. Jesus.

And for my own record keeping . . .

Day 1 (12/28/16): 
Accidents: 2 (pee)
Successes: 1 (pee)

*Woke from nap dry
Accidents: 0
Successes: 2 (pee), 1 (poop)

Day 2 (12/29/16): 
Accidents: 1 (pee)
Successes: 0
*Trip to Dr for ear infections so I put diaper on over her underwear in case of accident at pediatrician. Stayed dry. Took diaper off as soon as we arrived home. 

*Woke from nap wet 
Accidents: 0
Successes: 2 (pee)
*By the end of day two she was telling me when she needed to go.

Day 3 (12/30/16):
Accidents: 0
Successes: 5 (pee), 1 (poop)
*Woke from nap dry

Day 4 (12/31/16):
Successes: 5 (pee)
* Woke from nap dry 

Day 5 (1/1/17):
Accidents: 0
Successes: 4 (pee), 1 (poop) 
*Stayed dry during church and lunch and went potty at restaurant. 
* Woke from nap dry 

She is just a little bit proud of herself. . . 

When you're home bound for several days you start offering crazy ideas to your toddler like "Here, why don't you rip up this patterned paper and glue it on plain paper. That's the best I got."

She still wears diapers to sleep at night. Not in a rush there. Overall? Thankful the transition to daytime underwear has been painless. So proud of my little, big girl!


  1. Way to go Camille!! And way to go mom! Thanks for the call that it is okay to wait, if mom/dad are cool with diapers then why rush it and make a battle. Lilly is 17 months and a few people have already asked when we plan to start potty training-mmmmmm maybe when she can pull up her own pants and isn't in a crib for starters? Ha. Anyway, way to go ladies!

  2. Yay, so glad it went well and so proud of all of you for sticking with it!

  3. Way to go, Camille!! That is awesome!! It definitely sounds like she was ready! Millie has been working hard at potty training the last few weeks, too, and it's so wonderful when you go days without an accident, isn't it?!

  4. All the praise hand emojis!!!!!

  5. Yay! I'm shocked she woke up from naps dry from day 1. I trained Kathryn and then had to let it go a bit because she loves water and trying. To reduce it was causing too much tension. She JUST turned 2, so well try again but it's nice when they can tell you they need to go!


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