Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Links 10/23/15

It's been several weeks since I posted any links for weekend reading, but I have been saving many of them for when I had the time I remembered to actually post so . . .

Lots of great options for reading when you get a chance!

StopWaiting and Be All In
Let your passions help you with your chores, or an ode to podcasts
How my obsession with clean kitchen closure was ruining my evenings - Love. This.
Managing the social media time suck (and noise)
When Feeling Sorry For Yourself Makes You Destined to Fail - interesting perspective
Ask these 3 questions when you're decluttering toys

Special Needs
Because Cake
There reason why your friend with a child with "needs" hasn't been in contact recently 

There Is No, "At Least . . . "
The dirty secret of grief 

The girls have been battling the typical fall cold/virus junk for a few days, but I think we are now on the mend. So. Much. Snot. We have several fun outings planned for this weekend so hoping we kiss this snot and congestion goodbye and welcome all things October!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Argh, I so need that article about the clean kitchen but I so can't let it go! I think the clean kitchen and dirty dishes police DO exist because I'm one of them- ha ha!


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