Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend Links 4/17/15

A few articles that have brought me a little extra comfort this week. . . 

Wounded Healer, My Friend
God Has Brought You to This Place - "After a time of purification in the wilderness, God will bring us into the place He has promised." Holding on to this reminder during these very hard days.
When Friendship Keeps Us from Drowning - "Life lived in relationships allows us to survive the deep end. We can test the waters alone, wade out a bit by ourselves, but if we must head to the deep places of life, we need friends to keep the ocean from swallowing us whole."  Amen.
My Pathway to Peace - "I live with a peace that I could only be living with now that I’m standing further down the path God pushed us down. " Praying this same prayer for me & Brandon as we continue to grieve the loss of Chance. 
Mom Cradles her stillborn baby and posts on Facebook
Four Lessons I Learned about God from My Miscarriage


  1. Thanks for sharing these - I read each and every one, and they all made me tear up thinking of you and what you are going through. I just hate it! But each article is also a good reminder that, with God's help, you will get through these really tough days and start to feel "ok" again one day - and your friends (like me!) are eager and willing to walk with you to get to that point :)

  2. Love you, friend. In my thoughts and prayers often.


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