Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A fun family filled weekend

We enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend as a family. So needed! I much prefer this type of weekend over the last few, where Brandon has been working quite a bit, and the actual weekend has felt more like an extension of our week days. Fist bump to some good quality family time!

We kicked off Saturday morning by all heading out to Clara's OT session. Clara's OT, Ms. Brittany (who started this journey with us when Clara was 7-8 months old) has agreed to see Clara on Saturdays because she is an angel straight from heaven. When we decided to pursue Clara's full time ABA school, we knew keeping her private therapy schedule would be challenging. There is no way we could expect Clara to attend school 8:30am-3:00pm and then continue with private speech/OT after an already full day. Enter Ms. Brittany who saved the day and casually offered "I am happy to see Clara on the weekend(s) and just open up my practice to your family." See. . . angel from heaven.

Both girls had an absolute BLAST. Ms. Brittany recently broke off from her former practice to open up her very own place. It. Is. Amazing. Clara (and Camille) were in OT heaven! Rock wall, crash pads, huge swing, ball pit, roller coaster, slide, trampoline and more. If any local parents are needing an OT recommendation, I can not say enough good things about Ms. Brittany.

"Do you think I can jump from here into the ball pit, mommy??" Um no, no you cannot. . .

Girlfriend is a brave one and wanted to ride the roller coaster solo. . . Please just say a prayer for us mmmmmkay?

Camille was so sweet and was trying to help swing Clara. . .

Clara has become very consistent in signing "more" spontaneously when she wants more of something and also when we give her a verbal prompt. Her version of "more" looks like a clap. Here she is mid-sign.

Her expression. . . best ever!

A little sensory input on the trampoline. . .

Camille was fully enjoying the ball pit. Does it seem as if she assumed she owned the place? :)

And later. . . bath time. The girls love bath time together. Despite having to clean half of the water off the floor after the fact, it is a really fun time of day! 

I have to tell Camille "Please sit on your bottom," approximately 455x a bath. . . 

She is still fine tuning her listening skills. . .

We also enjoyed the sunshine and played outside quite a bit. . .

I made the mistake of letting Camille swing in Clara's green swing while Clara is away at school. Not a good move, mommy. Now whenever we are all home, and Camille has to get into her blue swing, she sports some attitude. Please see below. . .

"No, I will not look at you and smile."

No attitude for Ms. Clara. . . here she is again signing "more". . .

On Sunday evening we visited our friends Matt & Jenna, who just welcomed their new baby girl. Their oldest, Parker, is SUCH a sweet friend to our Clara. He always talks to her and loves on her. He was so dear to want to swing her while they were playing outside. Melts my heart!

Parker and his cool shades. . .

Camille kept trying to crawl in baby Molly's bouncer. It may or may not be because she slept in this exact same contraception until she was far too old. :)

Camille trying to pat the baby. . . For one second I was able to get a glimpse into my life come August. Go ahead and just say a little prayer about that as well.

Wonderful weekend. . . now on to tackle this week! 


  1. Maybe I will just drop my kids off at Clara's OT sessions and see if she notices the extra kids? Looks like a fun place! Also, Avery is on the same page as Camille during bath time - must stand always despite being repeatedly asked to sit on her bottom. Toddlers!!

  2. Fun weekend and ditto to Allison's comment- the OT place looks awesome! And ditto to the "please sit on your bottom"... not just during baths, but when climbing on furniture, standing on chairs, etc. Those crazy, strong-willed toddlers!

  3. Yeah, can I have my birthday party at your OT place?! What an awesome therapist to open up for you on Saturdays!!


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