Monday, September 16, 2013

Bathroom cabinets before and after

My sweet dad came Friday to help me refinish and paint the cabinets in both our guest and master bathroom. I'm really excited about how they turned out! 

Guest Bathroom before 
Guest Bathroom after

Master bathroom before

Master Bathroom after 

Lots more house and toddler room/nursery projects in our future. . . Brandon is really excited. :)
At least he didn't have to paint these cabinets, right?


  1. Can you send your dad to my house, please? ;)

  2. LOVE! We totally have twin cabinets!! (well, we did...until you made yours more awesome) Matt is insisting that I ask what kind of paint you used/what you did...we want to make ours fancy, too!!

  3. They look great! Seriously, I am so impressed with how handy y'all are! And it sounds like both of your dads are helpful in that department, so you lucked out there!

  4. These look BEAUTIFUL Brit! I'm a sucker for dark cabinets. Hope you'll join us today with a letter to Miss Clara! :)

  5. What a huge difference! That's awesome!


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