Friday, November 16, 2012

Sleep training Clara, Ferber Style, Days 3-5

Recap of Day 1
Recap of Day 2

Which brings us to Day 3. . .

Day 3: {15 min; 20 min; 25 min; 25 min (subsequent waits)}

8:15pm - bedtime - she fussed for a few seconds but quieted down and went right to sleep. I never had to go in. Not once.

5am - she woke but started playing quietly in her bed. She never really fussed or cried. I looked at the monitor about 5:45am and she had put herself back to sleep w/ not even a whimper.

6am- she's up again and rather fussy. Decided to start our day. Overall.... a VERY VERY good night!

8am - Nap - No crying or fussing.

1:15pm - Nap - No crying or fussing.

5:15pm - Nap - Again, went down easily. No crying or fussing.

Day 4: {20 min; 25 min; 30 min; 30 min (subsequent waits)}

8pm - bedtime - Had to go in 1x to pat her back. After that she fell asleep. She woke at 10pm crying. We started the progressive waiting and when we hit the 1.5 hour mark, and she was still crying, we decide to try changing her diaper and giving a bottle, along with some homeopathic teething tablets (we could see on the monitor that she was starting to rub her hands along her gums). She took about 1/2 the bottle and seemed to settle after we gave the tablets. Laid her back down and she didn't make another peep. So by 12:15am she was back asleep.

7am - still asleep and had to wake her to establish wake time.

8:40am - Nap - No crying or fussing.

1pm - Nap - Played in her crib until 1:20pm, then cried for a while so I went in at the 20 min mark to pat her back. I left the room and she was asleep by 1:40pm. (Maybe I overestimated her tiredness this nap and should have put her down a little bit later than usual? She woke fairly quick from this nap too.)

4:45pm - Nap - No crying or fussing.

Day 5: {25 min; 30 min; 35 min; 35 min (subsequent waits)}

8pm - bedtime - No crying at all. Went right to sleep.

2:30am - woke and cried but never had to go in. Put herself to sleep before the 25 min mark.

3:30am - woke and cried but never had to go in. Again, put herself to sleep before the 25 min mark.

5:00am - woke and cried but was back asleep before the 25 min mark (only 10ish min of crying).

7:00am - still asleep so I woke her for the day.

8:40am - Nap - went down super easy, no crying.

1:15pm - Nap - cried for 15 minutes but fell asleep by 1:30pm, so never hit the 25 min mark.

5pm - Nap - Went down without a peep. She was extra tired since she only slept for 30 minutes during her previous nap.

Until next time. . .

(Side note - Here's a great post from Inspired To Action talking about living today on purpose (and living free of Mommy Guilt). Go read it!)

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  1. Yea Clara! And YEA Momma! Y'all are doing awesome! Love ya


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