Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days. . . maybe in 2013?

So you know how last Friday I talked about The Nesters 31 Days of 2012? Well at the time, I was toying with the idea of participating although, you know, I hadn't even decided on a topic. I thought I would be able to tackle a few ideas over the weekend and while I have a few ideas in the back of my mind, there is no way I would be able to keep up with 31 posts as this point. Sigh. I really really really really wanted to participate.  Maybe if I start now I will have 31 posts to submit by October 2013? :)

Anyways, y'all should really check out some of the 31 Dayers this year. Last time I checked there were 746 participants!! I was scrolling through and there are some really interesting and awesome topics. I am actually a little worried that all my extra time will be sucked into reading all these NEW and exciting blogs just discovered.

Are any of you participating?

Or have you clicked over to check out the link up?

On a totally different note, I was browsing Simple Mom today and I just love her tool, The Daily Docket. It is perfect for people like me who prefer to use some type of hand written to do list. Yes even today in the world of iPhones and every ''to do'' app you can ever imagine, I still always come back to good ol pen and paper. Brandon and I love the Simply Us app for managing our calendar, grocery and shopping needs, but for the every day to do's, I gotta write it down. Totally old fashioned but works for me. I love that the Daily Docket limits the "most important things" box to three items. Not 300. I have SUCH a bad habit of thinking of everything I need to do, or should probably do, and then get frustrated at myself when I can't check off my entire to do list in a 24 hour timeframe. This allows you to look at everything and then pick three you want to tackle. I can do three. I also love that it has a section titled "How else will I take care of myself today?" Reading a few pages in a fav book, painting your nails, sitting on the couch and closing your eyes for ten minutes. . . doesn't really matter as long as you include something that helps you stay sane and healthy.

Yes that was a random tangent but just wanted to share the love.

I should probably start writing Clara's five month blog update (she turns five months tomorrow!) so that, you know, it might get posted sometime within the next two weeks. Because somehow I never manage to post her monthly updates on time. Which brings us back to the whole 31 Days thing. Double Sigh. . .

And with that I'm off. . .

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm all about pen and paper too, at least for the more "short term" to do items! Now if I think of something in June that I'd like for Christmas, then it's more likely to go on my iphone note pad :)

    Looking forward to seeing Miss Clara on her 5 month birthday!!

  2. i freaking LOVE her daily docket idea (surprise surprise :) ). and, i hear you on behind on updates!! i completely missed 5 months for annabel - and 6 is just around the corner!

    1. I thought you would like this idea ha ha! When your EC planner (finally) arrives I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I have been wanting to order one for a long time BUT every time I am ready to check out I click delete due to the cost. Would love to know your thoughts after you've been using it for a while!!

  3. I find that once my kids turn 12 months old, I have tons more free time, and once they're over 18 months old, life gets totally simple again (unless you're in the process of conceiving or growing another kid, and then nevermind). Hang in there, you will have more time soon!


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