Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful 2011

I simply cannot believe that Thanksgiving is a few days away. This year has flown by, hasn't it? As I sit here my mind is flooded with blessings, big and small, that I am thankful for this year. 
Here are just a few. 

My husband

My family

Memories of loved ones

Blessings of new life

Good friends

God's promises (source)

Good food & the ability to eat it free of fear - Coffee cake in a cup... yes please! (original source found via this blog)


Wonderful In Laws 


Service opportunities


What are you most thankful for this holiday?


  1. Your list is beautiful. I would add my health, my dog, my kids, good books, and prayer. Prayer can bring so much peace and happiness. I am sure there are a million more which is why it is wonderful to have the opportunity to express gratitude daily.

  2. Great post- and so fun to see Jack in a few pics! Thanks for the reminder of ALL that we have to be thankful for!

  3. I love all of the pictures!!!! You have a beautiful blog!

  4. I love this idea for a post. I may steal it. :)

    I am thankful for my husband, family, friends, my faith, and our wonderful church.

  5. I am so thankful that God sent Jesus so that someone like me can live forever in Heaven!


  6. Cute pictures! I'm thankful for my baby, and can't WAIT to meet yours!!!!!! :)


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