Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Louder Than Words

I've been battling a bad sinus infection for the past week. While I am feeling better overall, thanks to antibiotics and steroids and decongestants, I'm now dealing with some lingering ear issues that have me feeling a bit crazy, down, and thankful for fluid-less ears that I so often take for granted. 

'Tis the season for sickness! 

We stayed home from church Sunday (Camille was also on the mend from pink eye) and I spent most of the day lounging in bed. The upside is I finally finished this book and got about halfway through this one. If you're looking for some new reads for the New Year, I highly recommend both. 

One thing I'm learning about parenting a child with special needs is that even though some kids aren't able to talk, they are still highly in-tune to the overall tone of the home, the atmosphere. 

Clara crawled up into bed with me and snuggled up for a few solid hours. It was the best. I would rearrange from time to time to get comfortable, and she would immediately pull me closer and bury herself in my arm a bit more. She knows when momma isn't her best.

It's as if the morning cuddles she showered on me was her way of saying "I love you. I'm here. I'm sorry you're sick, mommy. I hope you feel better."

Clara is teaching me that sometimes actions speak louder than words.

That sometimes it's not what we are able to say, but what we are able to do, in love, that makes the biggest impression.

That sometimes we need to stop talking about what were going to do for someone else and just take that first step and do it.

That sometimes a smile or a hug or the giving of time, the purposeful choice to clear a schedule and sit together with a hurting soul in the silence, is all someone needs to feel cared for and respected and recognized. Loved.

And while I will continue to pray that Clara learns to use her voice in a typical way, I will continue to pray she never stops teaching me such valuable lessons. 

Because an action given freely in love is the best medicine.

(That, and 60 mg of daily steroids.)


  1. So sorry to hear about all the sickness- it really is the season for it, sadly!! But love that you got some down time and that Clara was able to teach you the actions really do speak louder than words... I spend so much time talking that I rarely remember this!

  2. Sweet girl! Clara, will you come teach these valuable lessons to my children this week? :)


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