Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Festive Fall Weekend

When you live in Houston and the calendar turns October 1, you do what every other Houstonian does. You take advantage of the 80 degree "blissful" weather and park yourself, and your family, outside.

Friday Camille and I hit up Blessington Farms with a few friends. In case you can't tell by the expression on her face in the following pictures, she had a blast!

The Houston Zoo on Saturday. . .

Followed by a very cheap and easy fall-ish craft . . . (thanks to the Dollar Spot at Target. Please don't for one second think I came up with this idea. The word craft isn't even in my vocabulary.). After the craft was complete, Camille decided to paint some "abstract" art. And by abstract I mean smear every color on top of each other until you no longer have paint left. Clara was still too sleepy from the zoo to participate. :)

A visit to Enchanted Gardens and gardening with daddy on Sunday . . .
Followed by their all time favorite activity, swinging . . .
Next up? Our annual visit to the northeast. Where fall is actually fall and not the pretend version of fall.  Meaning, 60 degree weather and read and orange leaves and a real reason to wear leggings and boots while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Can't wait!


  1. Love all of this! Also, Camille and Avery look almost as related as my Clara and Avery (read: not at all). Happy Fall to you and your cute little punkins!

  2. We had fun celebrating Texas fall with you on Friday, but I am so so so jealous that you get to go experience REAL fall tomorrow! Have a great trip!!!


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