Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What's Been Keeping Us Busy. . .

While I love the lazy days of summer, (as lazy as you can be while still getting both kids out the door by 8:15am) what I love more is some structure and routine.


Thus, the fall routine was welcomed with open arms by this mama. And lets be honest, by the littlest child, too, because my social butterfly was no longer digging her lack of ability to express herself as class clown to her peers. 

Here's what's been keeping us busy the last few weeks of September. 

Making messes. . . 

Eating donuts. . .

Convincing daddy to buy you things such as this here candle stick from Home Depot. "It was just a dollar," he said. Ok, now what in the world are we going to do with it except pick it up off the floor 500 times a day?

Visiting Chuck-E-Cheese . . .

Attending our first Houston Dash game. . . (super fun, but a little too loud for Ms. Clara, so we left at intermission. Or half-time? Or whatever they call the middle of the game in soccer.)

Watching ice cream freeze. . .

Administering check-ups. . .

Giving and receiving manicures. . . (I promised Brandon I wouldn't post the picture of Camille painting his nails with pink glitter. But I never promised I wouldn't mention it.)

Introducing Camille to window crayons. . . probably a bad choice on our part. 

Practicing sitting on the potty . . .

Making dinner . . . (no worries, we were right next to her the entire time)

 Shopping . . . (aka browsing the fun stores but not buying anything)

Playing around at Gallery Furniture . . . (free ice cream and mini zoo for the win)

Enjoying time with friends . . .

Fun (non-pregnancy) announcement coming soon . . . stay tuned!


  1. Y'all have been on so many fun little adventures!! I'm feeling inspired reading about all of them as I sit here on the couch doing nothing, ha!

  2. So fun! And since I feel like I haven't seen you in many moons, this makes me feel at least somewhat caught up, so hooray :) Also excited to hear your fun non-pregnancy announcement, whatever it may be!


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