Monday, September 10, 2012

Sleep training Clara, Day 6

Here's the scoop in case you've missed all the "fun"...

Day #6 : 9/9/12
  • 7am - wake time. She was up at 7am on the dot so I scoop her up for some snuggle time. 
  • 7:15am - feeding and then playtime
  • 8:20am - she's showing sleepy signs so I start soothing her down for nap #1. She's in bed by 8:30am and then babbles/slightly fusses for a short while. NO CRYING! She's out by 8:45am. 
  • 8:45am -11am - nap # 1. She is still snoozing at 11am, but I decide to wake her so she can eat and also to protect nap #2. She stirred twice during this nap but was able to successfully soothe herself back to sleep. 
  • 11:15am - feeding and then playtime
  • 12pm - try to give her a tad more to eat
  • 12:40pm - she's already really tired so in to bed she goes. She is quiet and calm until about 12:50pm and then starts crying. She cries for 10 minutes and in the meantime I am praying that God would calm and settle her. No lie - within 2 seconds of my prayer she turns over and falls asleep. Fastest answered prayer ever. Praise God for only 10 minutes of crying!! 
  • 1- 4:30pm - nap #2 - decide to wake her at 4:30pm so we can aim for a 7pm bedtime with no third nap. Obviously, this is all trial and error but it seems that Day #3 (for both bedtime and during the night) was most successful, when she went to bed at 7pm. 
  • 4:30pm - feeding and playtime
  • 6:15pm - start winding down for bed
  • 6:30pm - feeding
  • 7pm - bedtime, and she falls asleep almost instantly. NO CRYING!
  • 9:30pm - wakes up and starts crying. Give her a few minutes to settle but the crying only gets more intense. I decide since this is typically the time of her late night feeding, before we implemented the earlier bedtime, that we should go in and feed her. She takes nearly 5 oz of milk, gets a new diaper, a kiss from dad and then it's back in bed.
  • 10:00-11:15pm - cries for one hour 15 minutes and then conks out. While a little over an hour of crying seems like a lot, and it is, this is much improvement from last night!!
  • 5:30am - she wakes up and starts playing in her bed. My plan is to not go in to get her before 6am (if she is restless/unhappy, and since it is so close to the 6am hour) or wake her at 7am if she by chance falls back asleep.
  • 6am - wake time - obvious she isn't going back to bed, and I'm sure she's hungry, so I go get her to start our day. Will try to adjust our day/naps so that we can aim for a 7pm, or around there, bedtime. I'm assuming (but will play it by ear) that since wake time is earlier today, she will most likely need a third nap in order to make it to bedtime. 
Progress from today:
No crying at nap #1 and she is able to soothe herself back to sleep during this nap
Only ten minutes of crying at nap #2
We were able to continue with an early bedtime of 7pm
No crying at bedtime
Only 1 hour 15 minutes of crying from bedtime to wake time!! This is big progress in my opinion!
Overall, a lot less crying in a 24 hour period!!!

THANK YOU all for your prayers, support and encouragement!!

Day #7 here we come... 

A few pictures since pictures always make these posts a little more bearable for you all. . . 

 Loves her Sophie the giraffe
She was SO smiley while sitting on the couch with Brandon. Love that I caught her mid-smile.

Stealing some kisses from my sweet girl


  1. This looks great!

    I know it's hard, but I would still consider having another feeding in the afternoon and therefore a 3rd nap. I know that's hard when it feels like the 3rd nap doesn't always go well, but I think that feedings a bit closer together during the day will help your nights a lot.

    It looks like Clara goes about 5 hours between her feedings at 11:15 and 4:30, although there's a bit of a snack at 12?

    Also, another thing that helped Kirsa sometimes was having that last nap closer to bedtime than you might think. This is the advantage of a 3rd nap - it might be very close to bedtime and you have only 45-60 minutes of waketime after to officially get ready for bed, but then you have two feedings close together to tank her up, and that nap can serve as a bit of a relaxing prelude to a good night's sleep. If that makes any sense?

    Also, if this helps, this was Val's baby at 22 weeks. Her waketimes look much shorter than many of ours, but she increases them as the day goes on:

    Good luck! You guys are still doing awesome!!

    1. About the feedings - I do try to cluster feed her at times throughout the day but she is a stubborn little one. Ha! She is not the type to take a bottle just because I stick it in her mouth. If she is not truly hungry she will only take 1 or maybe 2 ounces when I try to cluster feed. Thus the issue we ran into on day 3 before bedtime. She will turn her head to refuse the bottle and/or spit the milk back out of her mouth. I can only make her eat so much, ya know?

      At her two month appointment the pediatrician actually suggested (along with a lactation consultant) to stretch her to 3.5 hours between feeds, so that she would take more. What was happening was at the 3 hour mark she wasn't hungry enough and then would just take a small snack, which would only perpetuate the cycle. See what I mean? Still working to find a balance in all of this.

      Thankful we have her dr appt this week to get some good input from the pediatrician!!

      THank you for your thoughtful comments. I learn so much from moms who have gone before me!!

  2. Still praying! Your a great mom!

  3. Yes, I definitely know what you mean. I really disliked that about 4-9mo. Once they're fully on solids around 9-10 months old, I felt this became a lot less of an issue.

    3.5 hours is probably just fine at this age, but if you feed at 11:15, then I would be feeding again no later than 3pm. I wouldn't try to cluster feed during the day so much as perhaps have a few feedings in the evening or late afternoon that are more like 1.5-2.5 hours apart instead of a full 3.5. The feeding after the catnap might be smaller (or, I might even make it small enough that she gets enough but it doesn't lessen her bedtime feeding, which would take some trial and error).

    That is hard though when feedings and naps aren't lining up very well, and you're right, you can't just force them to eat!!

  4. I was just trying to text through Clay to Brandon and realized it would be easier to just send you an email...except for I couldn't find it anywhere! So, I'll just post my comment here. :) Keep in mind each child is different, and this is just my experience so take what's helpful to you and ignore what isn't!
    Brandon had asked Clay about bedtime, so my answer doesn't exactly talk about cry it out. At 4 months, Max was going to bed about 8:00pm (nursing about 7:00ish then bath and bedtime story), I would do a dreamfeed about 10-10:30 (you can read more about that on and he would sleep until about 7:00am. I can't remember where I found it, but there is a chart out there that lists the number of hours of sleep a baby needs per day in naps and nighttime sleep - that is what I used to figure out when to put Max to bed (11 hours nighttime sleep counting backwards from 7:00am, which was my desired waketime. That meant I would not get him up earlier than 6:45 usually and not let him sleep later than 7:15, which really helped make our days more predictable). I just really like, as your friend Katie suggested, because the comments are so helpful and there are posts on many different topics! Even if you're not following BabyWise (which I did/am), there are some good tips to pick up. :) Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you for all of this info, Jessica. It is so helpful to hear from different moms about their experience, what worked for them, etc. I appreciate you!

  5. It is so obvious that Clara is one LOVED little baby girl! You are doing a great job as a Mommy, Brittnie.

  6. Cute pictures! I love the last little one of you and her! :)


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