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Sleep training Clara, Day 4

I plan to keep documenting the ins and outs of our sleep training experience until we hit one week. If this is boring you to tears then just check back with us next week, mid week!!

But just incase you are interested and want to catch up:
Disclaimer and run down of Day 1
Run down of Day 2
Run down of Day 3

Day 4: 9/7/12

  • 7am - Clara still snoozing so I go get her/wake her to start our day. Give her TONS of positive reinforcement for such a great night. :) 
  • 7:30am - feeding/cuddle time/playtime
  • 8:30am - can tell she's getting sleepy so we begin our soothing routine
  • 8:40-10:40am - nap #1-  put down awake in crib. She fusses (not cries) for maybe 10 minutes and is out cold by 8:50am. Yay! Great morning nap!
  • 10:45pm - feeding/cuddle time/playtime
  • 12:15pm - she starts showing sleepy signs so I give her a little more to eat
  • 12:30pm - soothing routine and lay her down in crib. She's out by 12:45pm w/ only minimal fussing. 
  • 12:45pm - 4:30pm - nap #2 (She has several awakenings during this nap although each time is able to babble and fuss a little bit w/ out it turning into full fledge crying. She is able to fall back asleep on her own each time. About 3pm she begins to fuss so I go in to soothe her and realize her diaper is wet. I change diaper and then lay her back down. She falls asleep almost instantly.)
  • 4:30pm - feeding and playtime until Brandon gets home then later we all run a few errands together
  • 6:15 - start bedtime routine
  • 6:45pm - feeding
  • 7pm - put her in bed followed by NO CRYING. She goes down so easy! From here on things get interesting, and confusing, and I start to wonder if we are experiencing the regression that so many families say they experience on/around day four. (I read several testimonies in the book of this happening. Weissbluth says this is very normal but encourages families to keep at it!)
  • 9-10:30pm - she wakes up and starts fussing and stiring quite a bit. I give her a few minutes but she's not quieting down so I decide to go ahead and feed her so she can make it a while longer into the night. She takes nearly 4 oz and once I put her back down she is quiet for 15 minutes and then the crying begins. She cries from 9:30-10:30pm and then passes out. 
  • 12-1am - wakes and starts crying. Not sure what to do since I know that it's been three hours since she ate last, but I also know that last night she had such a great stretch without eating. Her crying increase in intensity so I assume she is hungry and/or has a dirty diaper. I go in and change diaper (majorly wet) and try another feeding. She takes about 3 oz and then becomes disinterested. Lay her back down in crib by 12:15am ,and then she proceeds to wail, hard, for a good 45 min. 
  • 3-3:20am - wakes and starts crying. At this point I have no clue what I should do. It's been another three hours since her last feeding but I decide to give her more time to work it out before I go in and get her. After about 20 minutes of crying she is back asleep. 
  • 3:30 - 3:40 am - she's back awake and crying again. I decide to give her until 4am and at that point, if she is still crying, I will go in and give another feeding/diaper change. She's back asleep after 10 minutes of crying. 
  • 5 - 5:30am - she's back awake and crying. Ok - so here I have a few options. 1- Feed her now and then lay her back down until at least 6am and start wake time early, assuming she doesn't go back to sleep, or start wake time at 7am if she is able to fall back asleep. 2 - let her try and work it out until 6am on her own and then if still not asleep go in to start wake time/give feeding. I go with option #1 assuming she is probably hungry, since her last feeding was at 12am. She takes 4 oz fairly quickly, burps and then it's back in her crib by 5:15am. She cries for only 15 minutes and is asleep by 5:30am... thank you God!
  • 7am - she wakes on her own so I go get her to start the day. 
Wow, what a night. I'm not sure how to even process all of the above. Praying this is just an expected regression and not a sign of our nights ahead. Despite our crazy night, and the disappointment from all the night awakenings, there are still several small successes from the day.

Small victories today:
Minimal amount of fussing when put down for both nap #1 and nap #2!
A nice long afternoon nap!! (This is a big goal as most kids will keep this nap time, or something very similar, as they continue to age)
She's able to soothe herself back to sleep after several awakenings during afternoon nap! 
No crying at bedtime!

And we press on to Day 5. . . 

Crossing my fingers that Clara will take another long afternoon nap today, so that mommy can too. Time to make some strong extra strong coffee. 

Oh, here is an interesting article describing why sleep regression is common in a four month old baby. This refers to common sleep regression for this age group and not specifically to regression for CIO method but I think it sheds some light on what's going on, in general, in a four month olds little brain. 

See ya! 


  1. Yay Clara!! Just a small suggestion I thought of.... would you consider waking Clara from her long nap in the afternoon? I was strongly against waking a sleeping baby but read many places that they shouldn't sleep for longer then 3 hours at a time during the day (except if sick, etc). It can interfere with the day/night sleep organization and perhaps her nighteakings are due to too much day sleep?!? Just a thought!

    1. Yes I would be willing to wake her. So say she sleeps 12:30-3:30pm or 1-4pm, I assume she would need a third nap to make it to bedtime? Maybe bedtime could be 730 on those days she needs a 3rd nap? Thoughts?

    2. So I'm certainly not a sleep expert but know from experience what worked for us. Here's what I think: she should definitely be takin three naps at four months old. Cam typically napped around 8:30, 11:30 and 2:30 give or take. When we began sleep training his wdtime was 6 pm! We slowly pushed it back to 7 pm over the course of a month as he was able to stay awake longer. He would wake once for a feeding between 1-3 am an that was it. My husband and I agreed not to go into his room if it hadn't been 6 hours because he ha slept for 6 hours before and we knew he could make it that long without eating. Again this is just what worked for us but it sounds like Clara is on the right track!! Congrats to you guys :)

    3. Just to clarify... We didn't let him cry for 6 hours! We just didn't go in if he woke up after 4 hours of sleeping. He figures it out quickly but you know your baby best! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with :) I so know how hard this is!!

    4. Gotcha! Thanks for the input!!

  2. She's doing awesome! Love that big afternoon nap I so wouldn't mess with it unless you have to. Consolidated sleep is restful sleep. Unless of course she goes into a time that will push bed time back. Audrey is 5 months and takes a 3rd nap maybe 2 days a week. If she is awake from second nap before 3:30pm then she will need a 3rd nap to bridge her to bed time if she pushes on into 4pm from her 2nd nap then we go straight to bed time (early). Madison was this way too however Hunter was a strong 3 nap a day-er until 9 months. All babies are different so it's probably best you watch her signs and see which results in the best for her! Not every day will be ground hog day either. Some days you have to wake them up for an appointment and then you will have to adjust everything. BUT she is doing awesome.

    I think as the days go on you will know which night awakenings to respond to and which not to or it may take you weaning her now from her feeds at night and bumping up her ounces in the day. Hunter was my kid that I had to wean in the night or he played wackamole all night long. Madison and Audrey could do one predictable night feeding and go right back to sleep and never awake again till morning. They are all so unique! You are doing great!

    1. Couldn't agree more in that each one is different. Keep doing what feels best! You're the mama :)

  3. Looks like things are still going very well!

    If you're still looking for thoughts, I agree with above that she is likely going too long without eating in the afternoon, and she also almost definitely still needs 3 naps at this age. (Kirsa needed 3 naps until 8 months old, and even then, dropping to 2 was quite a transition). I think your nights will improve if you add another feeding and catnap during the late afternoon.

    Sometimes babies also start to wake more at night as they get ready for solids. Can't remember if you're doing those yet. You don't need to, but some babies don't sleep fully through until they are on solids. I doubt this is why she woke so much last night, I think it's more related to your long afternoon nap, but something to keep in mind over the next month or two.

    You guys are doing great though and this is really typical and very good for sleep training at that age!!

    1. Thanks, Katie! No - she's not on solids yet. She has her 4 month pedi appointment this Thursday so I am going to get the Dr's recommendation and go from there. After a week of sleep training I will have a lot to fill our Dr in on, ha ha. :) THanks for the input. Hope you guys are well!

  4. For what it's worth Dr. Weissbluth says on pg. 258 that only 16% of babies this age need that 3rd nap. I was shocked by that statistic bc I was under the impression my girls were in the minority with their giant 2nd naps and no 3rd nap at this age. Just food for thought because of course watching her and trying different strategies will yield you your best results!

    And just remember that while 7pm is your goal you will always want to choose her signals over the clock time at this age. If she has a shorter 2nd nap requiring her to have a 3rd bridged nap then her bedtime may be closer to 7:30 or 8. However, If she takes an extra long afternoon nap and therefore a 3rd nap is not needed then you may temporarily have to do bedtime at 6 or 6:30pm. Keeping her awake until 7 may backfire and make her overtired in that situation. Her deepest sleep should be the first 5 hours of the night so if she is awakening during that time it may be they she is too tired to settle into that good deep sleep state. Again all babies are different. My girls were hardcore 5:45/6pm bedtimers (and maddie still is at age 2.5). Whereas Hunter was a 7/7:30pm kid most of the time. Either way me putting them to bed when they appeared tired even tough it was earlier than normal only resulted in more sleep...not more awakenings or waking earlier in the morning. If she seems to be tuckered out at 5:45 don't be scared to start the wind down process and have her in bed at 6:15/6:30!

    As for feedings you should still be able to get in the same number feedings it will just be more of a cluster (like you did before her noon nap) and then for late afternoon it's common for breastmilk/breastfed babies to feed every 2 hours in the late afternoon. You could either bump up the frequency or the volume if you think it's related to food. Dr. Weissbuth would tell you they aren't related (food and sleep) and that her awakenings are neurological in nature not gastrointestinal :) so that when she does wake it's AFTER she wakes that she realizes she's hungry (if she is) not BECAUSE she is hungry. If that makes sense.

  5. You have been on my mind today! And I had one more thought.. when we started sleep training, we began using overnight diapers in a size larger than what Cam was wearing during the day. So at the time, he was in size 3 diapers and we bought size 4 overnight Pampers (I think they are called Extra Protection). Anyway, they are supposed to be more absorbent and they really did the trick! They have worked great for those long stretches of sleep! Hope tonight goes well!

    1. I second that Gillian! Audrey is in size 2 Pampers swaddlers and wears size 3 huggies overnights (target and BRU purple box) they are MUCH better for those long night stretches than the regular diapers! Praying tonight goes well!

    2. That is a great idea!! Thanks, ladies!! I put her down tonight at 6:15, was FAST asleep and then woke at 730 and has been screaming ever since. Here we go again. :)

    3. I had Brandon go out and buy the extra protection diapers. Thanks again for all the helpful tidbits. We need all we can get!


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