Friday, September 7, 2012

Sleep training Clara, Day 3

Disclaimer and the run down of Day 1
Run down of Day 2 

Day #3: 9/6/12
  • 7am - wake time & feeding
  • 7-8:15am - playtime. At 8:15 I notice she is getting TIRED. I really was hoping she would make it closer to 9am but I am not going to push it. Remember the goal is catching your child's natural sleepy states to ensure better sleep and avoid nap time protesting. 
  • 8:15am - start soothing routine and put her in bed. NO CRYING. 
  • 8:30-10:40am - she is asleep and nap #1 is officially underway. She sleeps until 10:40am! Two hours and ten minutes! (She woke once during this nap and was able to put herself back to sleep, with no crying, within two minutes!)
  • 10:45am - feeding then we run a few quick errands
  • 12:15pm - notice she is getting sleepy so I feed her a few more ounces to make sure she can make it through a nice afternoon nap. Complete soothing routine.
  • 12:30pm - 4:20pm - nap #2. She coos and babbles for about ten minutes and then cries for 11 minutes, and then turns on her tummy and falls asleep. 11 minutes! Much progress from Tuesday's 2nd nap (one hour of crying) and from Wednesday's 2nd nap (45 min of crying). I'll take it! At 2:45pm she wakes up and starts crying. I go in to check on her and I pick her up but when I get her and hold her, her eyes start closing and her body goes limp. I soothe her and lay her back down. She goes back to sleep easily within seconds, no tears!! 
  • 4:30pm - feeding and playtime
  • 6:15pm - start winding down so we can have her in bed by 7pm. Bath & lotion. 
  • 6:45pm - feeding (she will only take 2 oz. Not interested in eating as she is fading fast)
  • 7:00pm - put her in crib. Takes her a few minutes to settle but she falls asleep within a few minutes. NO CRYING. 
  • 7:50-8:40pm - she wakes and starts to stir/cry. I was not quite sure what to do but since she only took 2 oz at the last feeding I figure we better try to feed her again so she will have more substance to make a longer stretch. I remember reading that going in to baby is ok as long as she has falling asleep on her own, first. I send Brandon in with the remaining 3 oz from the last bottle then it's back in crib. Brandon does this feeding and comes out within a few minutes. I realize I should have had more in the bottle b/c he said she sucked it down so fast and still seemed interested. FAIL on my part. I didn't even think to add more to the bottle. So now we have to go in a second time to give her more to eat. I realize I could have let her cry this out but I suspected she was still hungry and thus I didn't want to ignore. (She had been crying since Brandon left room). Brandon goes in at 8:00pm w/ another bottle and she fusses the majority of the time. She will only take 1 more oz. Enter lots of prayers that I didn't set our little girl back going in her room 2x back to back. I'm frustrated at myself but thankful she took a total of 4 more oz. About 8:10pm she starts crying but calms and is asleep by 8:40pm. Only 30 min of fussing/crying! 
  • 8:40pm - 4:00am - She wakes at 10pm fussing, but within 10 min or so puts herself back to sleep! She wakes at 4am (awesome stretch!) so she gets a feeding, diaper change and then back in crib by 4:15am. I am in shock she slept so long! Hasn't slept that long, um, ever. 
  • 4:45-5:25am - she starts fussing and this continues for a while (yet not full out crying!)
  • 5:25- 7am - sleeping like a (well rested) baby. :)
  • 7am - go get my baby to start another day/establish wake time. 
Progress/victories from the past 24 hours:
No crying at morning nap. She wakes during this nap and can put herself back to sleep easily.
A lot less crying at afternoon nap. And this nap lasts 3.5 hours. She wakes SO happy.
Able to successfully move bedtime earlier by 30 min; 7pm is my goal! 
No crying at bedtime. 
Only 30 min of crying after first night awakening. 
A 7 hr and 40 min stretch at night!!

And just because. . . 

Love that I caught this pouty face on camera. :) I promise she was actually really happy so not sure where this look came from but I love it.

P.S. - I have spent the last four days soaking up sleep training research/info and thus I have been scouring the internet like a mad woman. I stumbled upon this blog. I haven't had time to totally dig in, but thought I would pass it along since at first glance, it appears to have some great info.

P.S.S. - I am trying to convince Brandon to make me THESE this weekend. Oreos, cookies and brownies all in one? Yes please. :)

Happy Friday!! 


  1. Oh my goodness... I love her sweet face! She is just so precious

  2. The pictures are great! Looks like sleep training is working for you! Yea! Go Clara go!


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